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Corpus dei Manoscritti Copti Letterari

Projet patronné par l'Union Académique International

Enterprise dedicated to the study of Egyptian Christian culture
in the I-XII centuries C.E., especially for the documents in Coptic language.
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Direttore: Tito Orlandi

Commissione scientifica: Edda Bresciani (Pisa), Paola Buzi (Roma), Alberto Camplani (Roma),
Stephen Emmel (Münster), Bentley Layton (Yale), Manlio Simonetti (Roma)
Imprese collegate: · PAThs, An Archaeological Atlas of Coptic Literature, Principal Investigator
Paola Buzi, Roma.
· Coptic Literature and Manuscripts, Alin Suciu (Göttingen AdWG, Hamburg HLZ).
· Critical Edition of the Works of Shenoute, Director Stephen Emmel, Münster.
· Digitale Gesamtedition und Übersetzung des koptisch-sahidischen Alten Testaments, Director Heike Behlmer, Göttingen; Managing Director: Frank Feder, Göttingen.
· Coptic Scriptorium, created by Caroline T. Schroeder and Amir Zeldes.
· TraCES, Changes in Ethiopic Style and Lexicon, Principal Investigator Alessandro Bausi, Hamburg.
· Beta masaheft: Manuscripts of Ethiopia and Eritrea, Principal Investigator Alessandro Bausi, Hamburg.
· The Canons of Apa John the Archimandrite (FWF Project P22641-G19), Diliana Atanassova (Göttingen).

Free online Publications

Clavis Patrum Copticorum
(List of the Coptic Literature)



Tito Orlandi, Encomium in Raphaelem archangelum (Relatio Theophili), ed. 2018 (download pdf).

Tito Orlandi, Coptic Texts Relating to the Church Canons. An Overview, ed. 2016 (download pdf).

Tito Orlandi, Coptic Texts Relating to the Virgin Mary. An Overview, ed. 2008 (download pdf).

Davide Righi, Severiano di Gabala In Apostolos cc0331 = cpg4281. Introduzione, testo copto, testi arabi, traduzione, ed. 2004. Vol. 1 (download pdf); Vol. 2 (download pdf).

Omelia De anima et corpore, cc0223 = cpg2004 (ed. Tito Orlandi, 2003) Introduzione, testo copto, traduzione (download pdf).

Tito Orlandi, Paolo di Tamma, Opere, Roma CIM, 1988 (download pdf).

Tito Orlandi, Shenute, Contra Origenistas, Roma CIM, 1985 (download pdf).

Eudoxia and the Holy Sepulchre. A Constantinian Legend in Coptic. Edited by Tito Orlandi. Introduction and Translation by Birger A. Pearson. Historical Study by Harold A. Drake. Milano, 1980 (download pdf).

Ps. Cirillo di Gerusalemme, Omelie copte sulla Passione, sulla Croce, e sulla Vergine. Edizione con introduzione e traduzione di Antonella Campagnano, Milano, 1980 (download pdf).

Tito Orlandi, Il dossier copto del martire Psote. Testi copti con introduzione e traduzione, Milano, 1978 (download pdf).

Quattro omelie copte. Vita di Giovanni Crisostomo, Encomi dei 24 Vegliardi, Encomio di Michele arcangelo di Eustazio di Tracia. Edizione, traduzione e commento a cura di Antonella Campagnano, Antonella Maresca, Tito Orlandi, Milano, 1977 (download pdf).

Passione e miracoli di s. Mercurio. Introduzione e testo copto a cura di T. Orlandi, traduzione a cura di S. Di Giuseppe Camaioni, Milano, 1976 (download pdf).

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Contents of the Database:
  • Clavis Patrum Copticorum: list of the authors and works of the Coptic literature with information on manuscripts, content, and critical problems
  • Manuscripts: list (a) of the individual collections, (b) of the Coptic codices either well preserved or reconstructed, especially from the Monastery of St. Shenoute, Atripe (White Monastery)
  • Texts: electronic edition of Coptic texts with Italian translation. A full edition consists of: reproduction of the manuscripts, diplomatic edition of the manuscripts, critical edition of the text, with translation, index of the words with grammatical explanation, linguistic analysis.
  • History of literature: chronological description of the development of the Coptic literature in 12 parts. Only parts 1, 4, 7 are currently available.
  • Grammar: a computational grammar of Sahidic with a list of words according to the grammatical categories.
  • Bibliography: Complete bibliography for Coptic studies. Some of the subjects are complete from the beginning of the studies: Bibbia; Gnosticismo; Apocrypha; Letteratura; Agiografia; Storia; Generalia (partially); Manoscritti (partially). The other subjects (Linguistica; Archeologia, and parts of Generalia, Manoscritti and Storia) start from 1980, and the previous titles will be completed in the future.