International Association for Coptic Studies
Association Internationale d'Études Coptes

Last modified January 2008

Editor: Tito Orlandi (orlandi at


This is a list of academic institutions where Coptic language, or literature, or art, or archaeology, or theology, etc., are taught. The colleagues are kindly requested to send information on this subject. The best way to send information is e-mail; short of that, please send a typescript so good as to be easily read by a scanner. This will very much speed the work. The list will be published periodically in the Newsletter.

The Editor has initially listed the courses of which he had become aware. This information is far from complete and up to date, but it will become hopefully so, with the help of the colleagues. Places are also mentioned, where courses might be held, in order to solicit a statement from the colleague mentioned. In this case the item is closed by an interrogation mark. When the information is supplied by the responsible people, it is accompanied by the reference to the year when the information was received.

The list is in alphabetical order of place.