International Association for Coptic Studies
Association Internationale d'Études Coptes

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The IACS was founded in occasion of the First International Congress of Coptology in Cairo: Colloquium on the Future of Coptic Studies, 11-17 December 1976.
The Association is a non-profit organization designed to encourage and contribute to the progress of all aspects of Coptic Studies. It promotes international cooperation among individuals as well as among organizations and institutions. It advances the dissemination of information about work in progress, new discoveries and new results, organize periodic Congresses on Coptic Studies, facilitate full access to and the rapid publication of source materials, identify priorities for research at a given time, bring to the attention of younger scholars the whole range of Coptic Studies, etc.

Honorary Presidents:

Mirrit Boutros Ghali (1976-1992), Pierre du Bourguet (1976-1988), Alla I. Elanskaya (1984-2005), Labib Habashi (1976-1984), Pahor Labib (1976-1994), Gamal Mokhtar (1976-1998), H.J. Polotsky (1976-1991), Hans Quecke (1996-1998), Torgny Säve-Söderbergh (1976-1998), Rodolphe Kasser (2000-2013), Martin Krause (2000-), James M. Robinson (2000-2016), Bishop Samuel (2000-2003).

Board 2016-2020:

                   President:                            David BRAKKE 
                   President-Elect:                        Paola BUZI
                   Secretary:                           Stephen EMMEL
                   Webmaster:                            Tito ORLANDI
                   Director, Cairo Center:            Peter GROSSMANN
                   Editor, JCoptS                      Anne BOUD'HORS
                   Congress Secretary:                 Alain DELATTRE
                   Members at Large (2 terms): Elisabeth R. O'CONNELL
                                                   Caroline SCHROEDER
                                    (1 term):           Malcolm CHOAT