No. 41, August 2000


Editors: Martin Krause & Stephen Emmel

Institut für Ägyptologie und Koptologie

Schlaunstrasse 2

D - 48143 Münster, Germany

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CONTENTS: The Seventh International Congress of Coptic Studies, p. 3 - Notes from the IACS Secretariat, p. 11 - IACS Members with New Postal and/or E-mail Addresses, p. 11 - Publications in Preparation, Forthcoming, or Recently Published, as Announced by IACS Members (and Others), p. 13 - Crum Is Back in Print, p. 27








1. General

The congress in Leiden promises to be an exciting and, indeed, "big" event. At the moment of writing (second half of July), over 180 scholars from all over the world are registered for the congress, and almost 120 abstracts for short papers have been received. In spite of these impressive numbers, the organizers will do their best to make it an enjoyable and relaxed event as well.What follows is not full programme information, but merely a few things you might like to know before you depart for Leiden.

a. You are on the list of participants only if you registered through the Leids Congres Bureau (LCB) by filling out and sending in the registration form that was inserted into IACS Newsletter no. 40 and the yellow congress brochure that was circulated separately. If you registered before the end of June, you should have received a letter of confirmation from the LCB sometime in the middle or second half of July. If you did not receive such a letter, please contact the LCB (fax: +31-71-512 80 95; e-mail:

b. You are on the list of speakers only if the abstract of your paper was received in time and accepted by the congress committee. If you sent your abstract before 1 June, the official deadline for submitting abstracts, you should have received a letter with regard to acceptance by the end of June or the beginning of July. If you did not receive this letter, despite having sent an abstract, please notify the congress secretary immediately (fax: +31-71-527 20 42; e-mail: Main speakers received a separate confirmation. Note that abstracts received after 1 August cannot be integrated into the volume of abstracts, but will be distributed on loose sheets.

c. For all questions concerning your hotel reservation, please contact the Leids Congres Bureau (fax: +31-71-512 80 95; e-mail:, unless you made arrangements directly through the congress office (Magdalena Kuhn, Jacques van der Vliet) or privately.

d. For specifically touristic information: Leiden Promotie VVV, Stationsweg 2d (near the railway station; tel. +31-0900-22 22 333); or, on the internet at the following address:


2. Arrival

If you arrive by public transport and do not already know your way around Leiden, we advise you first to pass by the Visitors' Centre of Leiden University, in the hall of Leiden Central Station, next to the ticket office. This is a special facility of the University to welcome and help its (foreign) guests. The Visitors' Centre will be opened on Sunday, 27 August, from 3 till 9 p.m. and on the following working days from 8 to 8 (but not on Saturdays). The Centre's staff can provide you with a map (city plan) and such practical information as you may need.

Please watch your luggage and your purse always and everywhere, but especially at the railway stations in the vicinity of Schiphol Airport.

On Sunday, 27 August, the southern parking garage at the back of the University Library (Maliebaan) will be opened from 2 till 11.30 p.m. (access is free).


3. Registration

a. We kindly ask you to arrive not later than Sunday, 27 August, and to use the opportunity for registration offered on that same day from 3.30 till 11 p.m. in the Faculty Club of Leiden University, Rapenburg 6. There, every registered participant will receive the final version of the programme and the volume of abstracts. In addition, the Club offers an opportunity for informal contacts and for having a drink (the congress organisation is happy to offer you a first drink). Please note that the Faculty Club is opened for us only on Sunday 27 August, not during the rest of the week, and that the staff of the Club is not able to provide information on congress matters.

b. After Sunday, a very dense and crowded programme awaits us, which allows only limited opportunity for late registration; if such proves to be unavoidable, please go to the congress information table in the hall of the congress centre upon arrival. During the congress, the congress staff can be contacted by telephone at the numbers 06-27 03 14 74 (Jacques van der Vliet) and 06-27 46 38 36 (Magdalena Kuhn). (The congress centre also houses a reception desk, but this is staffed by safety officials who are blissfully ignorant of congress matters.)


4. Congress site

Please note the exact address of the congress centre:


Leiden University, Faculty of Arts (Faculteit der Letteren)

Centraal faciliteitengebouw (building no. 1175)

Cleveringaplaats 1, Witte Singel-Doelencomplex


The Faculty of Arts is situated in the city centre, at 15 minutes walking distance from the Central Station. Bus no. 43 (direction Merenwijk) stops right at the back of the building till after 6 p.m. (every 30 minutes); the bus stop is called Paterstraat (at the University Library). Taxidrivers may know the building better by the name LAK-theater. It can be recognized from some distance by the iron grills which cover part of its roofs and windows.

Rooms 011, 005 and 003, which we will have for use every day, are all on the ground floor and are clearly marked; they are provided with full technical equipment (double slide-projectors, beamer, etc.). Please note and remember that showing overhead sheets (folie) in these rather large auditoria is usually not very effective.


5. Programme

Participants will receive the final programme and the volume of abstracts upon registering on Sunday, 27 August (not earlier). The large number of papers announced makes it unavoidable to have three parallel sessions throughout the week. Scheduling such a programme is a complicated job. No programme, moreover, will ever be able to satisfy everybody, especially since there are plenty of individual wishes to take into account. You could help us a lot by avoiding discussion of the programme, by e-mail, letter or telephone, in these last weeks before the congress.

We append below a provisional list of the short papers, in an uncanonical order, giving titles as far as they were available to us by mid-July. This is not a draft programme and we publish it here mainly to whet your appetite. In addition to the short papers, there will be a presidential address by Stephen Emmel on "Coptic studies before Kircher," and ten plenary reports on recent developments in major domains of Coptic studies presented by experts in their fields, as follows:


language Gerald M. Browne (paper to be read in absentia)

literature Jürgen Horn

papyrology Peter van Minnen

art Marie-Hélène Rutschowscaya

archaeology Peter Grossmann

monasticism Ewa Wipszycka

liturgy Heinzgerd Brakmann

Gnosticism and Manichaeism Roelof van den Broek

Copto-Arabic studies Mark Swanson

Christian Nubia W_odzimierz Godlewski


6. Workshops

If you applied for participation in a workshop before June, you should by now have been contacted by the organizer(s). If not, notify the individual organizers (not the congress secretary)! It should be emphasized again that access to the workshops is limited to those who have applied for participation well in advance and who have been accepted by the organizers. For good practical reasons (size of the workshop rooms; organisation of the discussion) there can be no exceptions to this rule.


7. National Museum of Antiquities (RMO): Sorry, closed!

Regrettably, the Leiden Museum of Antiquities will still be closed during the congress (the date of re-opening has been postponed several times). Also access to the store rooms is limited. Colleagues who are working on material from the Museum collections and wish to have access to it during the congress period should contact, up until 17 August, Dr. M.J. Raven, the keeper of the Department of Egyptian antiquities (RMO fax: +31-71-5 149 941), and after 17 August, the congress secretary. Being able to cite correct inventory numbers will be extremely helpful.


8. Books

Several publishing firms will be represented during the congress, which will enable you to make contacts or to profit from a congress discount. We have, moreover, been promised the première of the late Paul van Moorsel's collected essays on Coptic art.


9. Post-congress tour

Following registration on Sunday, 27 August, in the Faculty Club, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a post-congress tour, which will take place on Saturday afternoon, 2 September, from 1 to 8.30 p.m. This tour will take you far from Leiden, to Ruinerwold, to the newly opened "Coptic Museum," a modern and dynamic museum documenting Coptic culture. This museum, the private initiative of members of the culturally very active Coptic community in Holland, seeks to reach and inform a broad, interested audience. It is situated in an ancient farmhouse in a typical corner of the Dutch countryside.

The cost of the post-congress tour is Dfl. 50,- per person and the programme includes: transport by bus from Leiden to Ruinerwold and back, free access to the Coptic Museum, and coffee. Registration is possible on Sunday only; if there is not enough interest, the tour may be cancelled.


On behalf of the Leiden committee,

Jacques van der Vliet


Provional List of Short Papers

(as announced by mid-July)



Nathalie Bosson. Guillaume Bonjour, Elementa Linguae Copticae seu Ægyptiacae: Première grammaire scientifique de la langue copte.

Tito Orlandi. Towards a computational grammar of Sahidic.

Jean-Louis Fort. Coptic diacritical marks of the IFAO 1 and IFAO 2 (unpublished) Shenoutean manuscripts: Their relevance to the syllabic question.

Tonio Sebastian Richter. Zur Sprache thebanischer Rechtsurkunden: Auffällige Konstruktionen im Bereich der Zweiten Tempora.

Chris H. Reintges. Second tenses don't exist!

Ariel Shisha-Halevy. Juncture features in Shenoutean Sahidic: Linkage and delimitation.

Ewa D. Zakrzewska. Sentence initial position in Bohairic.

Wolf-Peter Funk. Cleft sentences with and without pe in Bohairic.

Rodolphe Kasser. Protodialectes coptes à systèmes alphabétiques de type vieux-copte.

John Tait. Coptic language and written Demotic.


Coptic Bible

Hans-G. Bethge. Neue Bibelfragmente.

H.-M. Schenke. Ein anderes Matthäus-Evangelium im Dialekt M: Bemerkungen zum Codex Schøyen.

Uwe-Karsten Plisch. Die Darstellung Johannes des Täufers in der neuentdeckten mittelägyptischen Version des Matthäus-Evangeliums (Codex Schøyen).


Literature and patristics

Michael Ghattas. Die philosophisch-christliche Verwendung des Begriffs "Hypokeimenon" bei Didymos dem Blinden von Alexandrien in den Tura-Papyri.

Theofried Baumeister. Die Historia monachorum in Aegypto und die Entwicklung der koptischen Hagiographie.

Paola Buzi. Titles in the Coptic manuscript tradition: Complex structure titles and complex expansive structure titles.

Gesine Schenke Robinson. Codex Berolinensis P 20915: A final report.

Mark Sheridan. A homily on the death of the Virgin Mary attributed to Evodius of Rome (Morgan 596).

Dmitrij Bumazhnov. Das Gebet in De anima et corpore des Ps.-Athanasius.

Mark Moussa. The treatise I Have Been Reading the Holy Gospels by Abba Shenoute of Atripe.

Alberto Camplani. Fragments from festal letters of the sixth and seventh century.

Youhanna Nessim Youssef. A contribution to the Coptic biography of Severus of Antioch.

Joost Hagen. From the diaries of the Apostles: Manuscript-find and manuscript-fiction in Coptic homilies and other literary texts.

Stephen J. Davis. A hermeneutic of the land: Biblical interpretation in the Holy Family tradition.

Caroline T. Schroeder. The church at Shenoute's monastery: A metaphor for ascetic discipline.


Palaeography and epigraphy

Iain Gardner & Malcolm Choat. Towards a palaeography of 4th century Coptic.

Florence Calament. La stèle funéraire inédite d'un habitant de Tutûn.

Sofia Schaten. Die Sammlung des Gayer-Anderson Museums in Kairo: Christliche Grabsteine mit Inschriften.

Adam _ajtar. The epitaph of Mariankuda, tetrarch of Makuria (died A.D. 887), found in Hambukol.

Helmut Satzinger. On some Old Nubian names on Coptic stelae from Nubia.



Alain Delattre. Une banque de données des textes coptes documentaires.

Hans Förster. Wörterbuch der griechischen Lehnwörter in koptischen dokumentarischen Texten.

Klaas A. Worp. Some remarks on metrological terminology in Greek and Coptic documentary texts from Egypt.

Georg Schmelz. Bemerkungen zum Altar in den spätantiken koptischen Kirchen anhand der griechischen und koptischen Papyri und Ostraka.

Sarah Clackson. Museum archaeology and Coptic papyrology: The Bawit papyri.

Terry G. Wilfong. New texts in familiar hands: Unpublished Michigan Coptic ostraca by known scribes.

Nikolaos Gonis. The salaries of the clerics in a papyrus from Hermopolis.


Copto-Arabic sources

Christian Gaubert & Jean-Michel Mouton. Présentation des archives d'une famille copte du Fayoum à l'époque fatimide.

Clara ten Hacken. The legend of Aûr: Arabic texts concerning the foundation of the Monastery of Naqlun.

Adel Sidarous. Nouvelles données concernant la scala gréco-copte-arabe Liber graduum.

Samiha Abd el-Shaheed. A catalogue of unpublished droug from the 17th-19th century in the Coptic Museum.


Manuscript collections

Gesa Schenke. Texte aus der Kölner Papyrussammlung.

Fr. Bigoul el-Suriany. The manuscript collection of El-Surian Monastery: Its survival into the third millennium.



Roshdi W.B. Dous. The Alexandrian Divine Liturgy of Basil the Great, according to the Coptic tradition: Critical edition.

Katarzyna Urbaniak-Walczak. "Hermeneiai"-Fragmente oder der "Hermeneiai" verwandte Texte aus Deir el-Naqlun (Faijum).

Philip Sellew. A Coptic blessing for reading the Apocalypse in the Paschal liturgy.

Hany N. Takla. Copto (Bohairic)-Arabic manuscripts: Their role in the tradition of the Coptic Church.



David Frankfurter. The perils of love: Magic and counter-magic.

Marvin Meyer. Mary dissolving more chains in Coptic Museum papyrus 4958 and elsewhere.


Gnosticism and Nag Hammadi studies

John D. Turner. Gnostic Sethianism and the pre-Plotinian theological interpretation of Plato's Parmenides.

Régine Charron. La "race sans roi" dans la littérature gnostique et ses liens avec le milieu des alchimistes gréco-égyptiens.

Ophelia Fayez Riad. Les sources d'Asclépius 21-29.

Judith Hartenstein. Anmerkungen zu den vier koptischen Versionen von "Eugnostos" und der "Sophia Jesu Christi".

Zlatko Pleše. Modes of procession in the Apocryphon of John.

Ursula Ulrike Müller. Die Bindung Jaldabaoths in NHC II, 4: Motivik und Variationen.

Michel Roberge. La Paraphrase de Sem (NH VII, 1) et les Oracles chaldaïques.

Claudio Gianotto. Quelques remarques à propos de Melchisédek (NHC IX, 1).

Paul Dilley. Talking about the soul and its journey in the Dialogue of the Savior: On visible voices and the interaction of the oral and the visual.

Silvia Pellegrini. Lesekooperation zu EvThom 21.

Jan Helderman. Logion 50 des Thomasevangeliums.

Esther A. de Boer. A Gnostic Mary in the Gospel of Mary?

Antti Marjanen. How egalitarian was the Gnostic view of women? Mary Magdalene in the Nag Hammadi and related documents.

Gamal Hermena Betros. A document concerning the discovery of the Nag-Hammadi library.



Paul-Hubert Poirier. À propos du titre des Psaumes manichéens dits de Thomas.


Early monasticism

Malcolm Choat. Philological and historical approaches to the search for the "third type" of Egyptian monk.

Andrew Crislip. Illness and health in Christian monasticism of Late Antique Egypt.

Bentley Layton. Food in Egyptian monasticism.


Church history

Hans Hauben. Catholiques et Mélitiens à Alexandrie à la veille du Synode de Tyr (335).

David W. Johnson. Pope Peter III Mongos: Conflicts within Egypt.

S.G. Richter. Christliche Kultadaption auf der Insel Philae.

Maged S.A. Mikhail. A historical definition for the "Coptic period."

Johannes den Heijer. Relations between Copts and Syrians in the light of recent discoveries at Dair al-Suriân.

Cédric Meurice. Voyageurs et missionnaires dans la région de Tahta (Moyenne-Égypte), du père Vansleb à Jean Clédat, 1673-1903.

Magdi Ibrahim Guirguis. Ibrâhîm al-Nâsikh et la culture copte en Égypte au XVIIIe s.


Modern church life

Fr. Thomas, bishop of Al-Qossia. Ancient folklore and the modern Coptic Church.

Ashraf Alexandre Sadek. Quelques constantes de la piété personelle en Égypte pharaonique et en Égypte chrétienne.

Zakaria Z. Wahba. The life of the Coptic Church outside of Egypt (with emphasis on the U.S.A.).

Dietmar W. Winkler. The ecumenical dialogue with the Coptic Orthodox Church.


Archaeology: general

Gawdat Gabra. "New" discoveries of Coptic monuments: Problems of their preservation and publication.


Archaeology: churches and monasteries

Catherine Thirard. Monastères paléochrétiens du Proche-Orient: Essai de chronologie.

Fr. Zakariah el-Baramousi. The Qasr of Saint Mary at El Baramous Monastery.

Fr. Martyros el-Souriani. The youngest layer of plaster in the Church of St. Mary in El-Sourian Monastery, Wadi el-Natroun.

Ramez Wadie Boutros. Dayr Gabal al-Tayr: Monastère ou village?

Béatrice Huber. Die Basilika von Kom al-Ahmar bei Šaruna (Mittelägypten): Archäologie und Baugeschichte.


Art history: general and iconography

Elizabeth S. Bolman. The Coptic Galaktotrophousa revisited.

Karl-Heinz Brune. Der Pfau in der koptischen Kunst.

Myriam Wissa. The development of "Coptic" and "Islamic" art in the ninth century A.D.: Project outline.

Susan H. Auth. Significance of Egyptian, Classical and Christian themes in Coptic art.


Sculpture and woodwork

Marie-Hélène Rutschowscaya & Ramez Wadie Boutros. Arcatures de haïkal.

Elisabet Enss. Eine Darstellung des Thomaszweifels auf der Holztür von Sitt Barbara.

Kirsten Krumeich. Zur spätantiken Bauskulptur aus Oxyrhynchos.



Fr. Eliah el-Anba Boula. How to read the icon?

Hanan Nairouz Fahmy. A conservation project of icons in Haret Zwiella.

Zuzana Skálová. Are the Byzantine Deesis icons in the Wadi Natron Monastery from the Church of Abu Seifein in Old Cairo?

Magdalena _aptas. Preliminary description of a proskynetarion from the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw.



Shaza Gamal Ismail. Symbolism in fresco and tempera Coptic mural paintings in Egypt before the Arab conquest.

M. Rassart-Debergh. Peintures kelliotes (1999).

A. Ja. Kakovkin. Wen stellen die Wandmalereien in der Exodus-Kapel von El-Bagawat dar?

Matthew J. Martin. The necropolis of El Bagawat in the Kharga Oasis: Some implications for the history of Judaism and early Christianity in Egypt.

Fr. Samuel, bishop of Shibin al-Qanatir. Dair al-Ganadla: Wall paintings and sculpture.

Helmut Buschhausen. Die Wandmalerei von Deir al-Genadla.

Fr. Maximous el-Antony. Restoration work at the wall paintings in St. Anthony.


Manuscript illumination

Carol Downer. A ban on unicorns? Decorative motifs and illumination in the Martyrdom of St. Pteleme (M 581).



Antoine De Moor. Radiocarbon dating of woollen Coptic tunics.

Anna Lebet-Minakowska. Greek and Roman symbols continued on Coptic textiles.

Suzana Hodak. Aus Eins mach Vier: Variationsprinzipien des Flächenrapportmotiv-bestandes der ornamentalen Purpurwirkereien.


Minor arts

Dominique Bénazeth. Le trésor de Kôm Ombo: Un groupe d'objets liturgiques d'époque byzantine.

Amal George Shehata. Coptic metallic antiquities with reference to the metal articles of the Patriarch, according to the collection of the Coptic Museum.

Olga Ocharina. Coptic incense burners: Questions of function and meanings.

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert. La verrerie utilisée par des anachorètes: L'ermitage no. 44 à Naqlun (Fayyoum).

Fatma Mahmoud. Quelques jarres à décor peint d'époque copte, provenant de Saqqara.

Christiane Lyon-Caen. Une corbeille de vannerie recouverte de cuir.

Silvia Hirsch. Spätantike (?) Brotstempel mit der Maske des ägyptischen Gottes Bes.



Lucia Langener. Das Koptische Museum in Borgentreich.


Posters announced

Leslie S.B. MacCoull. Two Coptic bronze vessels in the Walters Art Gallery.

Petra Linscheid. Kopf-Binden im spätantiken bis frühislamischen Ägypten.





Even though the IACS Newsletter appears regularly now only once per year, we decided to issue this second number in the current year in consideration of the upcoming quadrennial congress in Leiden, both in order to communicate the foregoing information about the congress specifically, and in order to bring the following lists of address changes and publications up to date in a more or less timely manner.

Please note that the most recent paid up dues year appears with members' names on the printed IACS mailing labels. As used with this Newsletter, these labels reflect payments received up to 31 July 2000. Be sure to keep us informed of any change of address or any change in your membership status.





Where only an e-mail address is listed, the postal address remains unchanged. * = new members.


Bosson, Nathalie.

*Boutros, Ramez. IFAO, Ambafrance Caire, c/o Valise diplomatique, 128 bis rue de l'Université, F-75351 Paris 07, FRANKREICH.

*Brock, Elizabeth Ann Graham. 1847 West Cheyenne Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, U.S.A.

*Buzi, Paola. Via Paolo Orlando 7, I-00122 Ostia Lido (Roma), ITALIEN.

*Calament, Florence. 37, avenue des Falonnières, F-94210 La Varenne St Hilaire, FRANKREICH

Charron, Régine.

*Choat, Malcolm. Department of Ancient History, Division of Humanities, Macquarie University, Sydney NSW 2109, AUSTRALIEN.

*Davis, Stephen J. 14 Sh. Muhammad al-Mahdi, Golf District, Heliopolis, Cairo, ÄGYPTEN.

Diebner, Bernd J.

Funk, Wolf-Peter.

*Gaubert, Christian. Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale du Caire, 37, rue al-Cheikh Aly Youssef, B.P. Qasr el-Ayni 11562, 11441 Le Caire, ÄGYPTEN

Ghica, Victor Corneliu. 7, rue Dombasle, F-75015 Paris, FRANKREICH.

Horn, Jürgen.

Innemée, Karel C. Leiden University, Faculty of Arts 1174/220a, PO Box 9515, NL-2300 RA Leiden, NIEDERLANDE. or

*Kuhn, Magdalena. Mathenesselaan 7, NL-2343 HA Oegstgeest, NIEDERLANDE

*Kulawik, Cornelia. Seminar für Neues Testament, Burgstrasse 25, D-10099 Berlin, DEUTSCHLAND.

Loon, Gertrud J.M. van.

Luttikhuizen, Gerard P.

Morard, Françoise.

*Mossakowska-Gaubert, Maria. Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale du Caire, 37, rue al-Cheikh Aly Youssef, B.P. Qasr el-Ayni 11562, 11441 Le Caire, ÄGYPTEN

*Müller, Ursula Ulrike. Seminar für Neues Testament, Burgstrasse 25, D-10099 Berlin, DEUTSCHLAND.

*Plisch, Uwe-Karsten. Göhrener Strasse 11, D-10437 Berlin, DEUTSCHLAND.

Vliet, Jacques van der.

*Worp, Klaas A. Archeologisch-Historisch Instituut, der Universiteit van Amsterdam, Oude Turfmarkt 129, NL-1012 GC Amsterdam, NIEDERLANDE.

Zarkantzas, Nicholas. Therese-Giehse-Allee 30, D-81739 München, DEUTSCHLAND.





Please send up-to-date information (preferably via e-mail to Stephen Emmel at; copy to If you provide information for this list, please be sure also to inform us (with complete bibliographical details) when the publication appears. The following list is not intended to be a full bibliography of recent publications in Coptic studies. Its contents are determined by information that authors provide to the editors of the Newsletter.


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