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Subject:      [PAPY] Aegyptus et Pannonia Symposium III
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I have been asked to circulate details of the following
conference to members of our list. Dorothy Thompson

Aegyptus et Pannonia Symposium III.
 First call for Papers

The Ancient Egyptian Comittee of the Hungarian-Egyptian
Friendship Society (MEBT ÓEB) and The Budapest History
Museum Aquincum Museum are pleased to announce an international
Symposium on

Diversity and Similarity in Egyptian Religions

The symposium is dedicated to Professor László Kákosy,
died last year, the 29th January, whose area of interest
was wide - from Ancient Egyptian magic, mythology and
ritual to Egyptian philology, literature, history, archeology
and fieldwork. One of his main research fields was the
late Egyptian religion, including Ptolemaic and Roman
Egypt, which is intended to be the main topic of this event.

It is a conference series exploring the interconnections
between research on the religions of the ancient Mediterranean
world, with special attention to the Roman province
Pannonia, and the study of ancient Egyptian religion.

In the past decade, scholars have come to recognize
that the ancient Mediterranean world was a culturally
diverse environment and that the ancient Egyptian cult
practices were themselves sensitive to the constant
influences of the larger, multi-ethnic world not only
upon their own land, but also in the deverse other countries,
ie. ancient Egyptian cult practices had ­ in spite of
many similarities ­ also many different elements in
various parts of the ancient world, as well as in the
homeland. For the better knowledge of these process
we would like to focus now on diversity and similariy
in late Egyptian religion without geographical restrition.

The symposium is open to all scholars and will take
place at the Buda Castle in Budapest
(H-1014, Budapest, Szentgyörgy tér 2)
from 17-19th November, 2004.

Participation in the Colloquium is free, speakers will
be responsible for making and paying for their own travel.
Conference languages will be English, German, French and Hungarian.

We ask that participants register by March 20th 2004.
For registration please fill in the registration form
below and return it (preferably via e-mail) to Dr. Hedvig Gy_ry.

We invite contributions from members of disciplines
specializing in the above areas, dealing with current
on-going or recently completed research and fieldwork.
The proceedings will be published in the Aegyptus et Pannonia 3.

The proposed papers may be on ANY facet of the study
of late Egyptian religion, providing that the work presented
original research. Archaeology and history of ancient
temple architecture should have an important role, but
we encourage submissions from a wide range of perspectives,
including art history, cultural, political, and social
history, philology, literary criticism, religious studies,
and paleography or papyrology during the late Egyptian
history. We also welcome papers that discuss theoretical
and methodological approaches.

The duration of papers should be no more than 20 minutes.

Abstract guidelines: approximately 500 words (one single-spaced
page), if possible, should be submitted in Microsoft
Word document format, preferably by e-mail, to the address
below. If sending by post, please mail the abstract
on a floppy disk to the contact address below. Please
include along with your abstract, name, institution
and the title of your paper also a brief biography and
questions and requests for audio-visual equipment.

Deadline of abstract submission: 31st August 2004.


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We would appreciate you forwarding this invitation to colleagues or scholars who might be interested.

If you have any enquiries please feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely,
Hedvig Gy_ry, dr.
Museum of Fine Arts
H-1146 Budapest, Dózsa Gy. út  41.
Tel: (00-36-1) 469-7135
Fax: (00-36-1) 469-7185
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