From: David Martinez 
Subject:      [PAPY] Papyrology and Early Christian Backgrounds

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce that  "Papyrology and Early Christian
Backgrounds" will hold its sixth meeting at the Society of Biblical
Literature convention, which meets this year in Atlanta, GA, November
22-25. The program promises to be interesting:

Malcolm Choat, Macquarie University:  Third and Fourth Century Coptic
Papyri and Early Monasticism in Egypt

Bruce W. Griffin, Lincoln College, Oxford: Egyptian Christianity and
the Literary Papyri of Roman Oxyrhynchus

Katherine Bain, Harvard University:  "Writings Commissioned by Women:
Babatha and the Cave of Letters"

Fanny Dolansky, University Of Chicago:  Resistance, Rejection, and
Reconciliation: Minority Religious Groups and the Rudiments of
Education in Antiquity

Richard E Oster, Harding University:  "Ephesian Epigraphy and New
Testament Studies"

The date of the panel is Sunday, November 23, 1-3:30PM (room:
HY-Techwood). We hope that those of you who are attending SBL this
year will join us.

David Martinez
Associate Professor of Classics
University of Chicago

From: Robert Kraft 
Subject:      Re: [PAPY] Papyrology and Early Christian Backgrounds

As an addendum to David's informational posting, there are a few other
papyrological presentations scheduled at the same conference in Atlanta from
22-25 November (this weekend!). I've noted the following (there may be more):

Eldon Epp (presidential address), "The Oxyrhynchus New Testament Papyri: 'Not
without honor except in their hometown'" Saturday 7:30 pm HY-Centennial III & IV

Robert Kraft, "Exploring Greek Jewish Scribal Practices: the Evidence from the
Earliest LXX/OG Fragments" Sunday morning around 11 am (S23-9 MM Picard)

Robert Kraft, "Pursuing Papyrology via the Web" Sunday afternoon 1 pm (in direct
conflict with David Martinez' section !! MM-Imperial-Salon B)

Traianos Gagos, on the APIS (Advanced Papyrological Information System) project
-- Monday afternoon around 5:30 pm (S24-120 HY-Hanover F & G)

Robert A. Kraft, Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania
227 Logan Hall (Philadelphia PA 19104-6304); tel. 215 898-5827